An error occurred while validating the server

We can login to some of our physical and some of our virtual servers, so it seems to be a problem with individual server configurations, but I'm unsure where to start looking.

Activ Client is installed, so, unless it's misconfigured that's not the problem 0xc0000320 translated as "PKINIT failure", that is, you've got broken Kerberos between the destination server and KDC.

IN SOA - ( @Håkan Part of the confusion was that they were apparently attempting to add the forwarder using the server name during the first attempt, which does ghost the OK box and prevent them from continuing.

(as opposed to the screenshot above) The remaining problem is unrelated to this issue and I'm going to close the Q&A.

Check if there's no time difference between them.

I got this error message when i attempted to install SQL server 2014 on my Windows 10 "an error has occurred while trying to access the license validation file. Please any useful information on how to overcome the problem is welcomed.

the problem it was in the sort of the DNS IP on the NIC card in the Primary domain must be in the preferred (Primary domain IP) and the alternative is (secondry DC) for all the secondary : in the preferred (seconder domain IP) and the alternative is (Primary DC).

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I suggest you run the command below on this Windows 2008 server. The MPS Reporting Tool is utilized to gather detailed information regarding a systems current configuration. It appears to be your ISP's router, if in this case, you may need to contact ISP to see whether they router has declined your DNS server's request.

Net stop netlogon net start netlogon ipconfig /flushdns ipconfig /registerdns After that, please test again. In DNS console, right click the DNS server and go to Debug Logging tab. Select "Log packets for debugging" and select all the available options. The data collected will assist me with fault isolation. Please download MPS Reporting Tool from the following link: ( Source Address: Cisco Systems 54C725 [*MAC address*] In addition, I also found this Windows 2008 server in question is installed on VMware platform as the destination address is Destination Address: VMWare, Inc.

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