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While the Indian media is still trying to wrap their heads around Iulia Vantur and Salman Khan's alleged affair, the Romanian media leading tabloid, Click, has already taken to addressing Iulia as "Doamna Khan" which translates as "royal Mrs Khan".

After over three decades of dating actresses, mostly co-stars with whom Salman Khan has shared screen space, sources believe that he has picked Iulia to be his life partner because she is extremely discreet, gets along with his family and shares his love for kids and animals. We'll know soon enough Scroll down to know the exclusive details of the two celebs.

, based on theory of getting out of high school at 18 and going to college right away for 4 years until 2011 and now being 2016.

Birthdate: February 7 – Based of a dated Feb 8 post from Lee Ann saying “Happy Birthday to me”, Feb 8th post from Joe Biggs saying “Happy Birthday”, same from JWTROLLI5oh on Feb 8th as well and another on Feb 10 Twitter post the reads “orangekrushgirls”Everything is bigger in Texas” 🎉Happy Birthday🎉Lee Ann MCAdoo @thebohemianlee #infowars #babe #badass #guns #illuminati #killer #austin #TX #leeannmcadoo #journalist and #fashionista #krush #krushgirl.

Porsha Williams hit the beach in Hawaii, showing off her bikini-devouring body -- and it might be more than her guy friend can handle.

A married woman who has admitted to being in relationships with five different men at once - just one of whom is her husband - claims that the other men in her life have actually helped to strengthen her marriage.Drives: Jetta Education: The University of Texas at Austin, Location: Austin Texas.Right now Lee Ann is working at Info Wars and is within walking distance from work as she complained one time about not like police whistling at her while she was walking home from work. swimsuit, yoga, maxim, bikini, calendar, feet, legs, gallery, gif, Halloween, hot, Lee Ann Mc Adoo – Twitter Tofo Bohemian Lee College – Twicsy Bohemian Lee College – Twitter Lee Ann gets a naked nude massage by Emmy Robins? Orlando agrees, adding that not mentioning your husband is the online equivalent of not wearing your wedding band.2. Elizabeth Hanes of Albuquerque, NM, says she and her husband, Lee, know each other's logins to everything, but not so they can snoop on each other."It shows that neither of us have anything to hide," she says. "Once, a friend posted something inappropriate to Lee's wall, but he couldn't access Facebook from work so he asked me to delete the post for him," she says.

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