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Why didn’t you keep the sacred things from falling?” For years, his family adhered to the meticulous Hindu traditions.Indeed, a census in 2011 found that at least 14 per cent of the country’s population - 172m - identify as Muslims. Asked by the interviewer why he was only talking about Hindus, and not India’s other religions, he quickly tried to cover his error “I’ll be honest, I have great respect for India.

After all, faith lays the foundation for your world-views, and world-views will control how you see and respond to the world, and that includes relationships.It has colorful rituals and a huge variety of gods or subgods from which to choose.That amorphous quality is one of Hinduism’s chief appeals: it appears as a laid-back faith, especially in relation to a tightly wound one like Judaism.God’s laws always stem from love and protection for His children.Young Christians facing the decision to cohabitate should reflect and deeply consider.

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