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In October 2016, Pullman gave a mini update on how the project was going along: producer Julie Gardner and Jane Tranter from production company Bad Wolf will also develop the drama, while Toby Emmerich and Carolyn Blackwood of New Line Cinema, Bethan Jones for BBC One, and Deborah Forte for Scholastic will act as executive producers on the show.

No casting details have been announced yet, but with pre-production set to begin later this year, we're expecting some news on that front very soon.

There is a dangerous side of online dating, but you can protect yourself and a new app is working to change things.

The series, renewed for a second cycle by Syfy, but not yet greenlighted in Canada by the Space cable channel, comes from producers Prodigy Pictures.

Here are the five biggest reveals from the 2015 Fan Expo Canada event. The lead actors didn't learn who the traitor was until the final day of shooting.

"Just before the final scene, literally, before we shot the last scene, Joe made a big deal of it, and he'd walk up to each person and say, ' It's … A traitor in their midst will change everything on the Raza in the second season, including the relationship between Five and Six (Roger Cross).

"Whoever the traitor was going to be, we knew everything would change," Ferland told fans.

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