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I am truly a believer in the healing power of colloidal silver and I would like to share a very encouraging story with the forum.I'm not advocating going out and dating women that you find to be physically repulsive, but you might want to consider whether or not you are (consciously or unconsciously) limiting your pool of potential mates by ignoring anyone who isn't your physical "type".Seriously ERE minded folk are few and far between, so if that is an important trait to you, you may have to "settle" on some other more superficial qualities. But I read some of the other threads about how is one supposed to find someone, where the dating ritual seems to require all of this up front showing of cash etc...About 3 years ago a family friend was diagnosed with full blown AIDS.He was hospitalized with the type of pneumonia associated with the virus, placed into an induced coma and his family was told to plan his funeral. Quite amazed at the testimonials, I shared what I had learned with the family and told them as soon as he came off the ventilator, get CS in his body ASAP!

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