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Internet Explorer is provided just for backwards compatibility, but probably shouldn't be used unless really required.Any version of Internet Explorer other than version 11 is now obsolete and shouldn't be used.Please check they are applicable to your operating system and situation before you decide to download and apply them.See this post if your Desktop icons load slowly at start-up in Windows 10.I like the idea of attempting to download each update manually off Windows site and reboot each time. I preferred the layout of IE8 so I returned to IE8. I did not realize IE8 has compatability issues because of it's age. Next, manually navigated to Windows update page to have it scan my system and present the list of updates - and to verify it agreed with the add/remove list.

Some processes I was unable to preform ( for example: command prompt .. net stop wuauserv net stop bits net stop cryptsvc ren %systemroot%\System32\Catroot2 Catroot2( I was not able to copy the text provided and save as Windows Update. I've read the thread and am a bit lost with the sophisticated methods suggested so far.

As we've discussed before, your internet browser - be it Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or any of the others - typically keeps what's called a 'cache' of recently downloaded files.

The classic example is the image that is the logo at the top of every page of Ask Leo! Your browser will download it once and then keep it in the cache so that on each page that uses the exact same logo the browser doesn't need to download it again, it can simply use what's in the cache.

UPDATE: Please also see the comment by tralala/Truth101/Guest below.

As of January 12, 2016, Microsoft has dropped support for all versions of Internet Explorer other than version 11. As our table below shows, the only versions of Windows capable of running Internet Explorer 11 are Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. XP, Vista, Windows 7 you are unable to run a safe, supported version of Internet Explorer and you should take action now. Edge is Microsoft's new web browser and is the future for Microsoft.

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