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Take Mrs Hillary Clinton, next President of the United States and former chief of American foreign policy.

She has directly compared Russia’s Vladimir Putin to Hitler.

And that the brave Winston Churchill then saved the world. Even those bits that are true are misleading, with one exception. But so was Stalin, the communist mass-murderer who ended up as our main ally in the fight against Hitler.

When we later went to war to ‘save’ Poland, we didn’t in fact save it at all, leaving it to be bombed, starved and massacred by Hitler, carved up between Germany and the USSR and later swallowed whole by Stalin. Churchill was indeed a great man, but his achievement was to secure our bare survival, which came at the desperate cost of our national wealth and our empire.

Just like Chamberlain at Munich seven years before, he had no choice.

And she has compared events in Crimea to the Czech crisis of 1938.

Our Prime Minister is puffing himself up like a bullfrog, and busily creating a new Cold War that will benefit nobody except spies and weapons-makers, for a cause he doesn't understand and can't explain, writes Peter Hitchens It’s the one thing they think they know about history – that Britain’s pathetic Neville Chamberlain didn’t stand up to evil Adolf Hitler in 1938 at Munich over Czechoslovakia, so making Hitler believe that he could take over the world.

The Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA) named Jones as the Fighter of the Decade for the 1990s.

He was also named Fighter of the Year for 2003 by the World Boxing Hall of Fame, and is a three-time winner of the Best Boxer ESPY Award (1996, 2000, and 2003).

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Em anatomia, o pé é a extremidade dos membros dos animais terrestres que assenta no solo.

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