Updating old christmas ornaments

If you have accidentally broken some of your Christmas glass ornaments, you can actually smash the glass pieces into a fine glass glitter, and then use that to decorate a new clear Christmas ball ornament.

– Dab larger dots in the center of each loop and while glue or paint is still wet, cover with glitter. I would recommend using a plastic ornament that you can sand and scuff a little so that the yarn has something to grip to.

In looking at these old ornaments, it seemed a shame to throw perfectly good glass balls away.

So, my mom and I got to thinking and came up with a way to update those old Christmas ornaments that many people likely have tucked away somewhere.

However, since being thrifty is always forefront in my mind, I decided to save money this year by creating or thrifting most of the decorations myself.

I used silver Rub n Buff (affiliate link) to turn the gold ornaments into looking like mercury glass.

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