Validating special characters

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Today, we will see how a form can be validated for special characters with demo.

Hi, In one textbox , I need to allow Letters, swedish letters, numbers and special chars ( / , -, _ ) and space.

Hi Vasanth, i have table called tblpolmap in this table i two fields fldrefno , fldoraitem "AW10" "ITEM1 "IT34" "ITEM2 like this i want this data in the page i have page called page i have search option button in the if click the button this page should open and i need to select referenceno and add selected refno in the textbox in page , i want page in popup window hi vasanth, thanks for your mail but how to call the popup page to another page see i have page called page in that i have textbox and button if i click the button the popup page should open and i select the value from the poppage and assign the value to textbox Protected Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Load Fill Customer In Gridtype() End Sub Private Sub Fill Customer In Gridtype() Dim dt Table = New Data. Data Table = cls.datatablefill(dt Table, "select fldrefno,fldoraitem from tblpolmap") If dt Customer.

The onsubmit attribute tells the browsers that when a user submits the form or in other words clicks the submit button of the form, then activate the Java Script code succeeding.

We call the validate() function when the submit button in the form is hit.

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