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Stars in the upcoming drama "Grace Unplugged" James Denton and Shawnee Smith opened up about the powerful journey of faith found in the film, which is in theaters this week.

The musical drama features Smith and Denton as husband and wife Michelle and Jonny Trey.

"By keeping her mouth shut, Michelle gives [Jonny] a chance to react differently, she quietly guides them together, in control, respectfully."As the father-daughter relationship deteriorates in "Grace Unplugged," the marriage between Jonny and Michelle is also strained, but faith and determination prevail.The actress is best known for the "Saw" film series, from which she would have to keep her young children away from seeing.Smith delightedly noted that the content in "Grace Unplugged" was a far cry from her role in the psychological thriller films she was accustomed to, and she relished appearing in a film that her children could actually enjoy."I read the script and wept, it's real substance in there, not someone's idea of right or wrong, but of love and truth and sacrifice," she explained to CP.Gawker stands out as the Internet’s loudest and most adversarial independent news outlet in an era when the power of publishing extends to everybody, with few limits.The feeling that writers were taking on the topics nobody else wanted to touch—stuff readers would never see in stuffier, more traditional outlets—was the source of Gawker’s popularity and, ultimately, its undoing.

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